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vegan recipes
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Vegan Recipes

Hi. I'm Trevor with The Vegetarian Health Institute. We’ve searched the world for vegan recipes, dessert recipes, and low fat recipes that are not only quick and easy to prepare... they're delicious! Join our community and get a delicious vegan recipe every week by email. Or a weekly health secret… Or both! Either way, you'll receive our mouth watering "All Vegan Holiday Recipe Collection" when you sign up!

Recipes you'll find inside this collection...

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"What a delight to receive your recipes! I teach cooking classes in Houston and I highly recommend your wonderful service."

-- Shirley Wilkes-Johnson, Director of the Lone Star Vegetarian Network

"Having a strong desire to live healthier, these recipes have been a Godsend. They have given me the inspiration to cook as I know I should, but had just never learned how."

-- Lotte Hayles, Beijing, China

We provide easy and delicious vegan recipes including vegan pasta, soup, tofu, dessert, gluten free and many other great vegan recipes.