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7 Tips for Making Your Easter Festive, Healthy, and Veg-Friendly »

Whether your Easter celebration is about the resurrection of Christ or about a white bunny hiding candy and eggs everywhere, Easter time is full of fun traditions. This year, you can celebrate a traditional Easter while staying veg friendly! Here are a few tips and creative ideas so you can spend your time bonding rather [...]

How to Remove Radiation from Drinking Water »

  Water may be the most valuable resource on the planet. Every living plant and animal needs water to survive. Water has the ability to make your body healthy or unhealthy.   Getting safe water in your body is the key to all life. In this article learn the in's and outs of safe drinking [...]

16 Ways To Get Paid For Coaching People »

So you don’t have a nutrition degree or chef certification? Well guess what? I bet there are still a dozen ways you could help people as their coach. Here are some examples. 1) Help people develop better habits Basic healthy habits are typically common sense. However, most of us need to be told or shown [...]

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