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Teaching Classes Is Easier Than You Might Think; Here’s Why… »

One of our subscribers sent us this question: “How can I judge when and if I am experienced enough to teach a class or lecture to others?” It reminded me of this advice from motivational speaker Brian Tracy… “People will largely accept you at your own estimation. It is yourself you have to convince.” So [...]

5 Reasons To Juice Vegetables »

By Trevor Justice and Vesanto Melina, RD An excerpt from Lesson 17 of The Mastery Program At the bottom of this post, you’ll discover the pros and cons of juicing vs. smoothies. But let’s start with the benefits of juicing… To help prevent cancers and other chronic diseases, updated national food guides such as the [...]

How Vegans & Vegetarians Prevent & Heal Tooth Decay »

Vitamins K2, D, and A — They Depend on Each Other By Val Archer An excerpt from Lesson 47 of The Vegetarian Mastery Program This article is a prelude to the upcoming ebook Building Strong Bones and Teeth with Raw Food – for Vegans & Vegetarians by Val Archer. Register today at to receive [...]

Which Soy Foods Are Safe? »

This is an excerpt from Lesson 26 of The Mastery Program. This lesson is written by Brenda Davis, RD. Which Soy Foods Are Safe? Let’s consider the evidence. Soy has a long history of use in Asia, and within vegetarian populations throughout the world. Two of the healthiest, long-lived populations in the world – the [...]

Which Foods Are More Nutritious Raw vs. Cooked? »

By Ginny Messina, RD Every whole plant food is a complex mix of hundreds of chemical compounds. Some are nutrients like vitamins and minerals, which are essential for health. Others are phytochemicals — compounds that are not essential nutrients, but may have important health benefits. Food scientists estimate that there are tens of thousands of [...]

How To Absorb More Iron From Your Meals »

By Michael Klaper, MD (excerpted from Lesson 7 of the Vegetarian Health Institute's Mastery Program.) Problems With Too Little Iron If there is a chronic shortage of iron in the body from… not eating enough iron containing foods being unable to absorb the iron in the food (from intestinal disease, chronic ingestion of absorption inhibitors, [...]

How To Meditate To Decrease Anxiety »

By Kevin Schoeninger Have you heard of “Inner Smiling”? It’s a simple, inner Qigong meditation technique that can be used to connect to the healing power of your heart. You’ll release stress, feel more calm and joyful, improve your immune response and connect with your own inner clarity and intuitive guidance system. You create all [...]

Stress, PMS, Adrenal Fatigue and The Surrounding Myths »

Period Problems: Clearing Up 5 Common Myths About Your Monthly Cycle By Saida Desilets There’s no end to the questions and concerns a woman might have when it comes to “that time of the month.” Perhaps you feel extra tired during your period or you’ve heard female friends and family members complain about exhausting periods? [...]

How To Compost To Save Money & Grow More »

How Composting Can Save Money While Making You Healthier By Jonathan White, environmental scientist How do you view composting? Do you see it merely as a way to prevent your garbage can from getting smelly? Or perhaps as a way to reduce the quantity of garbage being trucked to an incinerator or being dumped into [...]

10 Eye Exercises to Heal & Reverse Eye Problems »

How to Reduce Eye Strain and Improve Your Vision Naturally By Duke Peterson It’s been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but they’re also how we’re able to observe the world. Our eyes are important for reading, working, and even communicating. Our eyes are sensitive though; they work hard and they [...]

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