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Healthy Kid Meals with Kid Friendly Recipes – Easy Meals For The Whole Family »

How to get your children to enjoy fruits and vegetables by Gaby Fischer Is meal-time a frustrating battle with your children? It used to be that way for me too. When getting my son to eat fruits and vegetables became a challenge, I had to get creative. First, I made a treasure map with different [...]

Best Vegan and Vegetarian Protein Sources & How To Incorporate Them Daily »

By Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN Professor, Super Nutrition Academy As hard as we try, we can never escape the flood of conflicting and misleading information regarding protein. Unfortunately, the notion that we need to consume tons of protein has been propagated, almost exclusively, by supplement companies. After all, if we need more protein, then [...]

New Mind-Body Approach Frees You From Staying Overweight »

Question: What is the most common New Year's resolution? Answer: To lose weight. All over the world, for people ages 22-82, the goal is the same. We all want to be healthy and fit in 2013, but most people will mistakenly turn to the latest fad diet or fitness program for help. Here's why this [...]

Enjoy Thanksgiving with Vegan Holiday Favorites »

Would you like to enjoy Thanksgiving with vegan (or raw vegan) versions of traditional holiday favorites? If so, these resources and recipes will be a blessing for you. Whole Foods is a great resource. Their website has an array of recipe sections including dairy-free recipes for holiday faves. Click the link below and then select [...]

Dear Refrigerator: I Don’t Take You For Granted Anymore »

For six years, I took my fridge for granted, never stopping to realize how quiet it is, how consistent the temperature is, or how sturdy the draws are. I took for granted never stepping into a puddle of water on my kitchen floor. I took for granted not having to kneel down to get fresh [...]

How Touching Your Ear Can Reduce Your Appetite, Stress, and Insomnia, Creating Total Body Health »

Auriculotherapy — also known as “ear acupuncture” or “auricular acupuncture” — has been gaining popularity over the past 50 years as a non-invasive but effective natural treatment for physical and mental conditions. The concept is that the outer portion of the human ear holds a map that links to the rest of the body.  Pressure [...]

How To Eat Well At Restaurants, Airports, Hotels, & On Road Trips »

CUSTOM PLATES AT RESTAURANTS So many people today have dietary restrictions — ranging from gluten intolerance to lactose intolerance to veganism. Special diets are so common, in fact, that restaurants have gotten used to making custom meals on the fly. So if a restaurant doesn’t have an entrée you’re willing to eat, don’t be shy [...]

Top Nine Exercise Mistakes Made By People Who Want To Burn Fat »

By Trevor Justice and Maria Stevens, Certified Personal Trainer Mistake #1: Eating too few calories. It’s safe to eat 500 calories less than you need to maintain your weight. However, if you eat any less, your body will think its starving. Then you’ll become leptin-resistant, you’ll lose muscle tissue, and your metabolism will slow down. [...]

How Vegans & Vegetarians Can Eat Well While Traveling… »

Contributing writers: Lara Adler, Jill Nussinow, Meredith McCarty, Nomi Shannon, Elaina Love, Sasha Luci Favorite Grab-and-Go Foods. Elaina is the “McGyver” of raw foods on the go. In the side pocket of her soft cooler, she stashes high mineral sea salt and onion powder, along with a traveling knife. At [...]

Adventures of a California Vegan in Brazil »

I spent February in Brazil — mostly Rio Di Jienero. In the second half of this blog, I will talk about my big takeaway…  realizing how much I take for granted in the U.S! However, I'll start out telling you about my adventures, and my herculean efforts to find healthy vegan food in a country [...]

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