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Best foods to promote recovery after exercise »

  If you want to look and feel the best you can in your body you need to know what to eat to recover from your exercise routine.  Even the best athletes reach a limit if they do not have proper nutrition and care. This article will cover the 3 keys to improving your athletic [...]

Healthy Sugar Alternatives »

We all have a sweet tooth every now and again. Learn how to satisfy your cravings with out compromising your health with some great healthy sugar alternatives. Healthy sugar alternatives taste great and don't lead to the same health concerns that refined sugars do. Overconsumption of refined sugars can lead to weight gain, hypoglycemia, diabetes, [...]

Essential Fatty Acids for Vegetarians »

What are essential fatty acids? Essential Fatty Acids or EFA's are considered to be good fats.  These EFA's are polyunsaturated and are of critical importance to your health and well being. EFA's are considered "essential" because they are absolutely necessary for your body to maintain good health but your body does not make them on [...]

7 Tips for Making Your Easter Festive, Healthy, and Veg-Friendly »

Whether your Easter celebration is about the resurrection of Christ or about a white bunny hiding candy and eggs everywhere, Easter time is full of fun traditions. This year, you can celebrate a traditional Easter while staying veg friendly! Here are a few tips and creative ideas so you can spend your time bonding rather [...]

How to Remove Radiation from Drinking Water »

  Water may be the most valuable resource on the planet. Every living plant and animal needs water to survive. Water has the ability to make your body healthy or unhealthy.   Getting safe water in your body is the key to all life. In this article learn the in's and outs of safe drinking [...]

16 Ways To Get Paid For Coaching People »

So you don’t have a nutrition degree or chef certification? Well guess what? I bet there are still a dozen ways you could help people as their coach. Here are some examples. 1) Help people develop better habits Basic healthy habits are typically common sense. However, most of us need to be told or shown [...]

4 Ways to Stop Sugar Cravings! »

We all love a sweet now and again, but sometimes your sugar cravings get to be too much.  If you are feeling like your sugar cravings have taken ahold of your common sense and are turning you into a sugar monster then keep reading because this article is about the tools you can use to [...]

8 easy weight loss tips for vegetarians »

With the popularity of carnivorous diets these days, weight loss for vegetarians and vegans may seem like a true feat.  The truth of the matter is that any vegetarian can loose weight if they follow a few simple tips for weight loss that many health coaches recommend.   Many of us whom become vegetarian or [...]

Colorful foods as preventative care part 2 »

Here we are continuing on to the second section of our article on the value of adding more color to your diet.  You already read about the health benefits of the colors red, yellow, and orange.  In this post you will discover the health benefits of green blue and purple fruits and veggies.   Green [...]

Colorful foods as preventative care part 1 »

Add some color to your diet to prevent illnesses and disease.   Fruits and vegetables taste great and look great too.  It turns out that those pretty colors our fruits and vegetable wear are not just for show; they have loads of nutrition and immune boosting properties that nourish your body too.  The more colors [...]

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