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Teaching Classes Is Easier Than You Might Think; Here’s Why… »

One of our subscribers sent us this question: “How can I judge when and if I am experienced enough to teach a class or lecture to others?” It reminded me of this advice from motivational speaker Brian Tracy… “People will largely accept you at your own estimation. It is yourself you have to convince.” So [...]

How to Remove Radiation from Drinking Water »

  Water may be the most valuable resource on the planet. Every living plant and animal needs water to survive. Water has the ability to make your body healthy or unhealthy.   Getting safe water in your body is the key to all life. In this article learn the in's and outs of safe drinking [...]

4 Ways to Stop Sugar Cravings! »

We all love a sweet now and again, but sometimes your sugar cravings get to be too much.  If you are feeling like your sugar cravings have taken ahold of your common sense and are turning you into a sugar monster then keep reading because this article is about the tools you can use to [...]

8 easy weight loss tips for vegetarians »

With the popularity of carnivorous diets these days, weight loss for vegetarians and vegans may seem like a true feat.  The truth of the matter is that any vegetarian can loose weight if they follow a few simple tips for weight loss that many health coaches recommend.   Many of us whom become vegetarian or [...]

Colorful foods as preventative care part 2 »

Here we are continuing on to the second section of our article on the value of adding more color to your diet.  You already read about the health benefits of the colors red, yellow, and orange.  In this post you will discover the health benefits of green blue and purple fruits and veggies.   Green [...]

Colorful foods as preventative care part 1 »

Add some color to your diet to prevent illnesses and disease.   Fruits and vegetables taste great and look great too.  It turns out that those pretty colors our fruits and vegetable wear are not just for show; they have loads of nutrition and immune boosting properties that nourish your body too.  The more colors [...]

Add a little life to your meals with sprouts »

An easy guide to sprouting at home Have you ever wanted to try growing your own food, but just can’t find the time?  Sprouting is simple, fast, has great health benefits and you can do it from the comfort of your own home. How Long Does Sprouting Take?‚Ä® Quinoa sprouts can take less than a [...]

Which 4 Spices Ignite More Passion In A Relationship? »

(+ Other tips for a great romantic date)   The foods you eat have a dramatic impact on your mood and overall energy levels. So when planning an evening with your spouse or “special someone”, a few key ingredients can help ignite some extra passion. Ohh, and don’t forget to eat it slowly, enjoying every [...]

What do you think about Kevin Gianni’s Great Health Debate? »

What do you think about Kevin Gianni's Great Health Debate? Post your comments below.

How To Win People Over With A Low Cost “Intro” »

  You might not have a degree in nutrition. But let me ask… Do you know more about healthy eating than most people? Of if not, are there practical tips you can teach? For example, can you show people how to…   – Combine foods properly for good digestion?   – Eat well while traveling [...]

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