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Vegan Easter Recipes & Passover Recipes including “Deviled Eggs” and Matzo Ball Soup »

Would you like to enjoy Easter and/or Passover with vegan versions of traditional holiday favorites? If so, these resources and recipes will be a blessing for you. Vegan Holiday Recipe Resources Whole Foods is a great resource. Their website has an array of recipe sections including dairy-free recipes for holiday faves. Click the link and [...]

Healthy Kid Meals with Kid Friendly Recipes – Easy Meals For The Whole Family »

How to get your children to enjoy fruits and vegetables by Gaby Fischer Is meal-time a frustrating battle with your children? It used to be that way for me too. When getting my son to eat fruits and vegetables became a challenge, I had to get creative. First, I made a treasure map with different [...]

7 Tips for Making Your Easter Festive, Healthy, and Veg-Friendly »

Whether your Easter celebration is about the resurrection of Christ or about a white bunny hiding candy and eggs everywhere, Easter time is full of fun traditions. This year, you can celebrate a traditional Easter while staying veg friendly! Here are a few tips and creative ideas so you can spend your time bonding rather [...]

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