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Adventures of a California Vegan in Brazil »

I spent February in Brazil — mostly Rio Di Jienero. In the second half of this blog, I will talk about my big takeaway…  realizing how much I take for granted in the U.S! However, I'll start out telling you about my adventures, and my herculean efforts to find healthy vegan food in a country [...]

The Truth about Maca Powder: Benefits and Side Effects »

By Revital Aranbaev Maca is most commonly known for improving energy and stamina, increasing libido and treating infertility. It is used as a performance enhancer and aphrodisiac. Maca is known as the “Peruvian ginseng” because the two herbs have similar traditional uses in herbal medicine. It is also hailed as “nature’s viagra” for both men [...]

5 Strategies for Balancing Blood Sugar, Burning Fat, and Protecting Yourself from Disease »

By Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, MS, DC, CCN, DACBN So what do excess belly fat, blood sugar imbalance and serious diseases like heart disease, cancer and diabetes have in common?  Poor regulation of insulin, a hormone secreted by your pancreas, appears to be a connecting force. Insulin gets secreted in response to elevation of your blood [...]

Blue Green Algae and Wheatgrass Juice – Are They Really Worth Buying? »

Superfoods have become a big trend lately, but is there scientific backing to the nutrient contents of these foods? The reason some foods are termed superfoods is because their nutrient content exceeds in comparison to other foods. Let’s take a look at two popular superfoods and weigh out their benefits and drawbacks. This is Part [...]

10 Steps To Kitchen Space & Clarity; Part Two »

By Raederle Phoenix Click Here For Steps 1-6 Step Seven: Keep The Dishes Clean & Orderly Avoid leaving dirty dishes around your kitchen, especially if space is limited.  A dirty kitchen disinclines you from making a healthy meal because it means cleaning up a big mess before you even get started.  Try to 'clean as [...]

How To Keep Your Healthy New Year Resolutions »

    The beginning of a new year is exciting and leaves room for new opportunity and growth. It excites us all to think of reaching a health resolution that we set out for the year to come. But rather than succeeding our goal for the year, many people fall short within a matter of [...]

Which Is Better… Vitamins & Minerals From Whole Foods Or Supplements? »

The sale of vitamin and mineral supplements is drastically increasing annually. In 2006 Americans spent $7 billion on supplements in hopes of preventing colds, cancer and other diseases.[i] But are supplements enhancing our diet? Or replacing our natural vitamin intake? Let’s look at both sides of this debate. First, the argument against them… Vitamins and [...]

Does Healthy Chocolate Exist? »

By Revital Aranbaev Cacao vs. Cocoa? A slight change in spelling but a complete change in nutritional value. Raw cacao is cacao in its purest form. It has not been processed, recreated or combined with other chemicals. How is cacao processed into cocoa? The Cacao is cooked to high degrees and becomes a paste which [...]

How to Stay On Track, Kick Coffee, And Be Happier Overall »

Today's tips come from our friend Jinjee Talifero. These tips are part of an incredible 28 day cleanse we'll be telling you about shortly… Exercise: Remind Yourself Why – So You Stay On Track Create your "Why". To stay on your healthy path, you'll want to have a good list of "Why I eat only [...]

10 Steps To Kitchen Space & Clarity; Part One »

By Raederle Phoenix If your kitchen is cramped and cluttered, it's hard to prepare healthy meals. Your surroundings affect your attitude. A cluttered environment subtly sends the message that your life is cluttered. The following ten steps will guide you in cleaning up your kitchen, clearing some counter space, and creating some sanity in your [...]

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