5 Ways To Multiply Your Income With Your Own Recipe Book

Do you have your own recipes? If so, creating a recipe book is an easy way to multiply your income. And right here in this blog post, I'll reveal five specific ways to do that…

Best of all, you don't need a ton of recipes. Our friend Lisa Books Williams has a mini-recipe booklet with 24 recipes. And our friend Nomi Shannon has several booklets with just 10 recipes each. Both Lisa and Nomi sell these booklets for $7 each.

You don't have to be a nutrition expert or even a good writer. You just compile your recipes and "Voila"… you're an author!
Benefit #1: Get more signups for your classes
You can offer your book as a "special bonus" to anyone who signs up for your class by an early bird deadline. Or anyone who signs up for a series of three classes. Or anyone who brings a friend.
Because books have big profit margins, they also have a high "perceived value". In other words, a $15 book seems like a lot of added value to a $45 class… even if it only costs you $3 to produce.
It's always a good idea to inflate the retail price of your books. Then you can "discount" them and make customers feel like they're getting a bargain.
So if you're willing to sell a book for $15, price it at $25. Then you can offer $10 off to anyone who signs up for next month's class before leaving this month's class. Or anyone who enrolls in a series of three classes.
Benefit #2: Increase your revenue at classes

Suppose six people take your class and pay you $45 each. That's $270 in revenue. Now imagine you have a book to sell, and four students buy it for the "discounted" price of $15. That's another $60 in revenue, with no additional time or effort on your part. Your hourly wage just increased!

Benefit #3: Get exposure to a ton of new customers… through affiliates

With your own affiliate program, other people can earn money for promoting your book on their blogs and websites, or recommending it to their email subscribers and social media fans.

You can have hundreds of affiliates who are highly motivated to tell the world about your book. Best of all, you don't pay out a dime until after the sales have been made.
Two companies that can help you set up an affiliate program are www.topwebcart.com and www.clickbank.com . Whichever you choose, your affiliate software will automatically calculate the commissions you owe each affiliate. 
Benefit #4: Make money as a guest speaker

People who run Meetup groups, potluck groups, and other monthly groups like to bring in guest speakers. Being an author boosts your credibility. So you'll be sought after as a guest speaker. After you give a talk – or a recipe demonstration – attendees will want to buy your book.

Meetup organizers sometimes even charge admission, and they'll give you at least half of the door money (often more). So if 30 people each pay $15 to attend, generating $450 in admission fees, your half would be $225. And if you sold 15 books, you'd collect another $225 in revenue.

Benefit #5: Plant seeds for future sales
People who buy your book are more likely to buy your more expensive products and programs in the future. Even if they haven't met you in person, they'll come to know you, like you, and trust you. They'll feel like they have a relationship with you.
Then when you develop more expensive products and programs in the future, such as a tele-seminar series or coaching program, they'll be much more apt to buy.
Do you find these tips valuable?
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