Best foods to promote recovery after exercise


If you want to look and feel the best you can in your body you need to know what to eat to recover from your exercise routine.  Even the best athletes reach a limit if they do not have proper nutrition and care.

This article will cover the 3 keys to improving your athletic performance and foods that will nourish your body to a fast recovery.


The 3 keys to improving your athletic performance are: 

  1. a great exercise routine with lots of diversity 
  2. adequate amounts of rest
  3. proper nourishment and hydration

If your body is properly nourished during its recovery phase, you will need less rest.  If you need less rest you will have more time to do the things you love and improve the conditioning of your body faster. 

Exercise is a stress on the body.  Some stresses are good and healthy but too much and your in bad shape.  When you exercise your goal should be to put as little stress on your body as possible to achieve results. This means that your body should be prepared to exercise.

To prep your body for exercise one of the most important things is to hydrate before you begin and stay hydrated during and after your workout.  Your heart rate goes up if you are dehydrated and your body can not work as effectively. Coconut water is a super natural, low calorie hydration.

Once you finish a work out, the best foods to ingest after you are fully hydrated are fresh fruits and proteins. Digesting fruit is super easy and it has a good amount of naturally occuring sugars that your body can use to help restore muscle glycogen stores.  

When you combine this with a bit of protein, your body can utilize the sugars from the fruit even faster.  A great ratio is 4 parts carbs and 1 part protein.  

The protein you are ingesting at this time should be particularly easy to digest so your body has as little work to do as possible.  Liquid proteins are an easy choice as are small beans.  Mung beans, adzuki beans, and lentils are all fast cooking and easier to digest than other beans.  

Calcium and magnesium are minerals that help with muscle contraction.  Both of these mineral get excreted with sweat and must be restored after exercising.  One way to get some of these minerals is to add some tasty sea vegetable into your diet.  Nori, kelp, and wakame are easy to find and use.

When you eat and take supplements after a work out, try your best to get this all ingested no longer than 45 minutes after the workout has ended.  Many people have found their recovery to be best during this time frame. 

Thrive, a vegan athletic performance book by Brendan Brazier has some great after workout snacks such as Chocolate Recovery Pudding.

A couple hours after your workout snack you will no doubt want to eat again. If you can, try to consume only easily digested foods so that your digestive system doesn't take all your energy away from muscle recovery happening. Hemp, pea, and rice all come in a protein powder that is easy to use for this purpose.

Alkaline producing foods can also help in recovery.  When you exercise, lactic acid is produced by your body and this is what causes the pain that you feel. When you eat a highly alkaline diet, you help to neutralize the acids in your body. Check out recipes that are suitable for a macrobiotic diet for suggestions here.

If you find a tasty after workout suggestion let us know!  Happy sweating!

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  1. My favorite after-workout drink comes from the Thrive book and incorporates hemp protein, hempseed or hemp oil, maca, flaxseed, blueberries, bananas, a pear, and spirulina or chlorophyll. I sometimes add sesame or pumpkin seed in addition.

    Pamela | Reply

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