What is yoga? What integral yoga can do for you.

Before watching the yoga videos below, first, let’s look at what yoga will do for you.
  • Yoga will help you stop over-eating
  • Researchers from the University of Washington found that regular yoga practice is associated with mindful eating. By causing you to become aware of your breathing and posture, regular yoga practice strengthens your connection to your body. Your newfound awareness allows you to tune in to emotions involved with your cravings, opening the door to releasing the strong desire to indulge in foods that make you feel less than great.
  • Yoga will help you sleep better at night
  • Researchers from Harvard found that daily yoga over a period of two months significantly improved sleep quality for people with insomnia. Another study found that yoga twice a week helped cancer survivors sleep better and feel less fatigued. This can be attributed to yoga’s ability to help you deal with stress. If you don’t sleep well at night, it is similar to anxiety. If your head can’t stop spinning and you don’t know how to relax, then yoga may be exactly what you’ve been looking for. Yoga allows the mind to slow down, training your mind to enter a relaxed state at will.
  • Yoga will assist with migraines and pressure headaches
  • Research has shown that migraine sufferers have fewer migraines and less painful migraines after three months of regular yoga practice. While migraines are not fully understood, it can be theorized that migraines stem from mental and physical stresses that are relieved through stress-relieving yogic practice.
    One common cause of physical stress is hunching over a computer or cell phone. This causes your shoulders to bunch up and puts your head forward, leading to overlifting your trapezius. This tightening of the muscles around the neck and shoulders pulls the head forward and creates muscle imbalances that can contribute to headaches and migraines.
    And these are just the beginning. Yoga can also…
    • boost your immunity
    • improve posture
    • relieve back pain
    • increase flexibility
    • balance blood pressure
    • improve lung capacity
    • strengthen bones
    • and improve memory

    What is yoga?

    Yoga is a set of physical and mental exercises which originated in ancient India. The original goal of yoga is to attain a state of permanent peace of mind in order to experience one’s true self.
    Now, you can use yoga to improve bone density, balance, memory, mood and strength. Yoga postures stretch your muscles while also working the muscles, improving flexibility. Without working the muscles that you are stretching, you won’t retain the benefit of the stretch.
    Yoga leads you to breath deeply and fully into each posture, creating changes that stick with you and reduce cortisol (stress!) levels in your body.
    While we don’t yet have scientific proof of how it all works, testimonials around the world are popping up. Everything from weight loss to healing cancer has been attributed to regular yogic practice.
    Yoga is beneficial to people of all ages. Elderly people as well as children can incorporate yoga into their lives. Many school districts have considered incorporating yoga into their P.E. programs. The Encinitas, California school district gained a San Diego Superior Court Judge’s approval to use yoga in P.E., holding against the parents who claimed the practice was intrinsically religious and hence should not be part of a state funded program.
    While yoga can be a spiritual experience, there is nothing inherently religious about deep breathing, stretching and postures that strengthen and limber your body.
    Here is a preview of what Asana yoga looks like:

    The preview above comes from a unique program called yogasteya. Yogasteya provides a comprehensive database of yoga classes from a variety of teachers and yogic practices, creating a dynamic practice that strengthens and lengthens every part of your body.
    Here is another look at what yoga can look like.

    Whether you’re very athletic and looking for more challenge, or just beginning your journey to health, there is a yoga routine that will work for you. Here is Dianne, the founder of yogasteya:

    Yoga is all about breathing and focusing on how your body feels. By bringing your attention to your body, you’ll become more and more aware of what is right for your body. When your awareness is high, it is easy to tell when you’ve had enough to eat, when you’ve gotten enough exercise and when it is time to call it a night and get some rest. This awareness could be why yoga has helped millions of people overcome such a wide variety of physical aliments.

    Here is a full one-minute yogic flow you can do at home:

    Try becoming aware right now. How do your feet feel? Breathe deeply, and focus on your feet. How warm are they? Are they getting enough circulation? Do they feel stiff? Now think about your calves. Stretch your legs out in front of you, and feel your calves. Deeply inhale, and fully exhale, still feeling your calves. Try this process on your thighs, you abdomen, your shoulders, and your neck.
    Isn’t it amazing how many things you’re feeling that you were not aware of feeling? Perhaps you’re often cold but don’t realize it. By being constantly cold, you’re forcing your body to work harder to start warm, and also causing your muscles to be stiff. By increasing your awareness, you’ll notice how you feel and put on a sweater when you need to.
    Learn more at Yogasteya.

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