Self-Empowerment For Reducing Stress

By Sheila Gale

Answers limit you. Questions empower you.

Research shows that empowerment has a positive effect on health.[1] When you feel empowered, you make better decisions and lower your oxidative stress levels.

We’re taught that we need to find the answer. Answers end with periods or exclamation marks. These two simple punctuation symbols leave no room for possibilities. Questions have infinite possibilities.

What if anything is possible for you?

Have you ever stopped looking for the solution and then things somehow just resolved themselves?

When something bad happens, (like a flat tire) instead of complaining, ask, “What’s right about this that I’m not getting?”

Stay in the question. This is a new way of being that keeps you emotionally healthy, which strongly impacts what foods you crave and how motivated you feel to exercise. Staying in the question takes practice, just like going to the gym and using a muscle you haven’t used before.

The key is in questioning everything in our lives.

I invite you to stay in the question.

What if judgment is the number one toxin on the planet?

What if you can look at everything as “just an interesting point of view,” without making it right or wrong, or good or bad?

What if you can stop judging you?

I have some empowering questions for you. Ask yourself these questions daily, or create your own list of questions. Trust yourself, and know that the answers are inside you.

Ask, “What else is possible?”

“What would I gain if I stopped judging myself?”

“What can I add to my life today that will expand my creativity and my bank account by 1,000%?”

“What would it take for _______to show up in my life, as if by magic?”

“How did I create this?”

“Where can I find the information I need?”

“What am I in denial of?”

“What is good about this that I am not seeing?”

“How can I experience better health?” or “How can I feel even more energetic?”

“How can I feel more joy each day?”

You can learn more from twenty-one experts on my website, Greater Possibilities for You.

Thank you for the gift of you!

Infinite Appreciation!

By Sheila Gale

P.S.: What if the Universe, (God, Allah, I Am, Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Baha'ullah, Spirit) actually has your back? What if life’s meaning is so simple that you’ve overlooked it?

[1] Health Promotion And Empowerment

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  1. How does it get any better than this?  Just love Access!

    Jo | Reply

  2. Thank you so much. It's as if at this point in my life I was searching for something different in life approach as this one. Thanks.  I'm convinced that this will be life changing for me.  Thank you. 

    Khanyi | Reply

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