How to Remove Radiation from Drinking Water


Water may be the most valuable resource on the planet. Every living plant and animal needs water to survive. Water has the ability to make your body healthy or unhealthy.  

Getting safe water in your body is the key to all life. In this article learn the in's and outs of safe drinking water.

Why is water so important

It is said that as many as 75% of Americans have some form of dehydration! This can result in mental fatigue, fuzzy memory, and a confused metabolism. Water makes the entire human body function, from basic join lubrication to disease prevention. Because of the critical role that water plays in the human physiology, it only makes sense that the quality of water should be as high as we can get.  

Because of pollution, most of our drinking waters are contaminated with bacterias, chemicals and even heavy metals. Radionuclides or radio active particles are often found in drinking water and can lead to cancer over years of exposure. Drinking water from a good filtration system could be a very important investment in the quality of life for you and your family.

Water purification methods that can remove radiation 


This is one method of water purification that can rid water of radiation. Heavy metals are classified in the same family as radiation in the periodic chart. Most heavy metals boil at a much higher temperature than water and so thermo distillation, which boils the water leaves behind radiation in the process.

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Distilled water has no minerals or oxygen left in it. Because of this it has a flat taste and some believe that it will strip away the minerals from your body. To solve this, you can restore the lost minerals and oxygen by adding these products to the water: Minerals & Oxygen.

Reverse Osmosis

This is considered by many a superior form of purifying water. It's cost effective, efficient, and highly effective at removing impurities including nuclear radiation from drinking water. And it doesn't remove valuable minerals, and pure water is always on demand. No need to heat up your kitchen with a hot, noisy 4-hour distillation process. You can check out a scientific explanation at or

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How to pick a safe bottled water

When you need to buy water to drink the choices are usually plastic or plastic.  There are more varieties bottled water in America than there are types of donuts.  So, how do you choose a bottled water that is safe to drink?

Taste isn't the only thing to consider when you are picking out your next bottle.  As a matter of fact, research says that bottled water may not be any healthier for you than your tap water….it could even be worse.


Follow these tips to help you choose a safe bottled water.

  • Find a manufacturer that belongs to the International Bottled Water Association.  They require their members to test their water supply daily.  They also require an annual inspection of the bottling plant. (bottled
  • Read the label.  If a bottled water had failed federal regulations they must list that contains as "excessive level" of xxx.  A label will also list the source of the bottled water.
  • Pick the less toxic plastic bottle.  A clear plastic or glass bottle stamped with a number 1 on the underside will taste better and be the healthiest option.  Avoid numbers 3,6, & 7 which contain possible carcinogens in them and have also been reported to cause hormonal disturbances.

5 Types of bottled water

  1. Well water comes from an underground water reserve and is pumped to the surface.  Usually it is a local source or at least national.
  2. Spring water comes from an underground water source and it naturally flows to the surface of the earth.  This is often used to make bubble water that has carbonation added to it.    
  3. Artesian water comes from a drilled well that uses underground pressure to push water to the surface.  It often has a flavor similar to spring water.
  4. Mineral water is loaded with naturally occurring minerals.  It comes from an underground source and naturally flows up to the earths surface.  
  5. Purified water is treated water.  It may have been treated by reverse osmosis, distillation, or deionization.  Sources of this type of water do not need to be identified as long as they state the treatment process.

What water is most prone to containing radiation?

When looking for radiation-free water, its good to remember that some home water supplies can be a source of radon (a well known radioactive chemical). If your water at home or store bought comes from an underground source such as well water or artesian water, it is more likely to contain higher levels of radon than water sources that naturally flow to the surface of the earth like spring water or mineral water. The reason for this is that when water flows to the surface of the earth on its own the radon has a chance to diffuse into the atmosphere and if it is forced to the surface it does not have the chance to do this.

Water makes up two thirds of the weight of your body.  Water keeps us alive and well. Shouldn't you be drinking radiation and pollution free water to prevent disease in your body?

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  1. this article uses the word radiation and then inserts the word radon  as if it were the same thing.  this is confusing as u understood radon to be a gas. please explain. thank you

    tabia | Reply

  2. Radon is a chemical element that is a radioactive, colorless, odorless, and tasteless noble gas, occurring naturally as the decay product of uranium. It is one of the densest substances that remains a gas under normal conditions and is considered to be a health hazard due to its radioactivity. Due to its intense radioactivity, it has been less well-studied by chemists. So yes, radon is a radio active chemical that can be found in water.

    admin | Reply

  3. Radon is only one of the heavy metals found in our water sources these days. Since fukushima, there have been high amounts of several radioactive materials in our water. Reverse osmosis is by far the superior option for purifying your water as it will not only remove all of the radiation, but all of the bacterias, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and toxins from your source water, whether it be a tap, well, or a spring.

    Adam Michaels | Reply

  4. how can i test my water for radiation?

    Judith Lewis | Reply

  5. There are radon test kits available on Amazon (and probably home improvement stores). You take a water sample and mail it to a lab, which emails you the results.

    Helen Adams | Reply

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