How To Win People Over With A Low Cost “Intro”


You might not have a degree in nutrition. But let me ask… Do you know more about healthy eating than most people?

Of if not, are there practical tips you can teach? For example, can you show people how to…

- Combine foods properly for good digestion?
- Eat well while traveling (with no refrigeration)?
- Use unfamiliar ingredients in recipes (like seaweed or tempeh)?
- Make healthier versions of their favorite comfort foods?
- Use unfamiliar kitchen appliances and gadgets?
- Navigate the local health food store?
- Read and evaluate ingredients labels?
- Determine when avocados and tomatoes are ripe?

If you can teach practical tips like these, then you're in business! Now listen closely as I reveal how I got started teaching….

First, I made a list of topics I could talk about (like the ones above).

Second, I timed the material, and found out that it was a 2-hour lecture.

Third, I advertised it for $10, but offered 50% for anyone who RSVPd five days ahead of time. (Back then I didn't have a paypal account. But that's what I'd use today).

I did most of my advertising on Yahoo groups.

If you're not a member of a Yahoo group yet, visit and look for local groups you can join…. especially groups oriented towards health, nutrition, vegetarianism, or raw foods.

Today, Google groups is giving Yahoo groups a run for it's money. You can search for local Google groups here:

Once you're a group member, you can announce your lectures, classes, or anything else. This costs nothing, and only takes a few minutes once you're a group member!

Now you might wonder… how could I justify spending two hours when the attendees only paid me $5-10?

I used the lecture to win people over, and get them excited about healthy eating.

I also let them know upfront that I'd be teaching a 2-hour cooking class right afterwards — which was $45. Some people RSVPd for the cooking class ahead of time.

The rest were free to attend the lecture with no further obligation. But I encouraged them to keep those two hours open, so they'd have the option to take the class if they wanted to. Well guess what?

Anywhere from 1/2 to 2/3 of the people stayed for the cooking class.

So on a typical Saturday, I'd have 12-15 people paying me $5 to $10 each for the lecture, and 6 of them pay me another $45 for the cooking class.

Now you might wonder… did people grill me for my qualifications? Did they scrutinize my resume? Did they ask about my certifications?

No. Never. Most of them were new to the vegan diet, and understood that I was a long-time vegan with more experience.

That — combined with my belief in myself and the low cost of attending the lecture — made attending a no-brainer.
The strategy above is just one of many you'll discover in "Cooking Class Riches".
Heck, the chefs I've lined up for you are miles ahead of me. That's right. I've hand-picked eight chefs who are making serious money from classes, teleclasses, and coaching. I can't wait to tell you more.
We plan to open enrollment on Thurs, Jan 20th. Since our conference call system can only accommodate 100 people, please keep your eye on my emails, so you get first dibs.

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