Teaching Classes Is Easier Than You Might Think; Here’s Why…

One of our subscribers sent us this question:

“How can I judge when and if I am experienced enough to teach a class or lecture to others?”

It reminded me of this advice from motivational speaker Brian Tracy…

“People will largely accept you at your own estimation. It is yourself you have to convince.

So this post is for everyone who’s not sure they’re ready or qualified. Let’s start with the facts. You don’t need any of these to get started:

•    A business plan
•    A license
•    A certification
•    Nutrition expertise
•    Every kind of kitchen appliance and gadget under the sun

Of course those things help, but they’re completely optional. Unless you promise more, students only expect one thing: the knowledge to make healthy recipes that taste great.

That’s it! So all you need is passion for food and teaching, a large kitchen, and belief in yourself.

Unless you live in a big city – where healthy eating is the norm – you might not have any competition.

That was true for Lisa Books Williams. Her town offered cooking classes at its community center, but no vegan cooking classes. Although Lisa was overweight (267 lbs), she was passionate about vegan and raw food. So Lisa offered to teach.

The town gave it a shot. Next thing you know, she was the go-to person for vegan and raw food classes in her county. And her weight didn’t stop students from taking her classes. Here’s how Lisa explains it:

“I never claimed to be a nutrition expert…  just a joyful chef. I could’ve let my weight keep me from my ministry, but I have a message to spread.”

Why do I tell you this story?
•    You don’t need to be in perfect shape to teach
•    You don’t need to be in perfect health
•    You don’t need special knowledge about nutrition
•    Your resume won’t be scrutinized

It’s very possible that you won’t have a single competitor. You might just be the ONLY person teaching raw food classes in your area.

I Was Nobody Special When I Started Out – Just Confident In Myself

The first time I taught a class in 2004, six people wrote me a check for $45 each. That was $270 for a two hour class!

After subtracting the cost of food – about $60 – my net income was $210. And here’s the thing:

Like Lisa, I wasn’t an author. I had no certifications. I was just an experienced vegan who knew more about making healthy meals than most people.

Nobody asked to see my resume. Nobody grilled me for my qualifications. I declared myself a natural foods educator and people took me at my word.

But teaching classes is just the beginning. Once you get the ball rolling, some students will want you to coach them privately. (More about that shortly.)

And once people can find you online, you’ll have followers all over the world. They’ll buy your books and videos. They’ll pay to participate in your tele-seminars and watch your classes over their computers (via “webcast” technology).

Obviously, I took a different route, creating an online course. But look at the chefs I made friends with in 1998 – like Nomi Shannon and Elaina Love.

Back then, they were just getting established. (A lot like you are now.) Today, Nomi is best-selling author of The Raw Gourmet, which has sold over 150,000 copies!

And people from all over the world fly to Arizona to train with Elaina. Others buy books, videos, and super foods from her website.

With the marketing knowhow we’re going to teach you (me, Nomi, Elaina, Lisa, and five other top chefs), there’s no reason YOU can’t follow in their footsteps.

Healthy Eating Is A Rapidly Growing Trend

The fact is, there’s an enormous trend towards healthy eating and whole foods. Bill Clinton and George Sorrell are now vegans. And motivation guru Tony Robbins is primarily raw!

Whole Foods Markets are cropping up everywhere. Even most mainstream grocery stores now have organic produce and “Natural Food” sections!

People everywhere want to live healthier lives. But when it comes to learning a new and unfamiliar cuisine, it’s hard to learn from books alone.

People want to SEE how you chop the vegetables, when you flip the spatula or stir the grains. That’s where you come in.

You can be the person who shows them the ropes, answers their questions, and helps them turn over a new leaf.

Do you find these tips valuable?

If so, I’ve just scratched the surface here. In our programs Raw Food Riches and Cooking Class Riches, we go much deeper. To check out either of these programs, click the appropriate link below:

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13 Comment(s)

  1. Very helpful (and inspiring!) post. I'm looking forward to the conference call. 

    Elizabeth Gordon | Reply

  2. Thank you!  I used to teach raw food classes and I was very successful at it and enjoyed it very much.  Then, because of personal problems and unresolved issues, I gained about twenty pounds and have felt ever since that I am not qualified to teach at my current weight.  Your post has warmed my heart and made me feel that I am still a valuable raw food educator and that perhaps I can still go out there and do what I enjoy so much!  

    Christine | Reply

  3. I don't have a problem teaching   I conduct healing classes put of my home..   I'm looking to expand my horizens   However, this information is motivating.

    Joe Voner | Reply

  4. It's the motivation that I am looking for, thank you.  I get stressed about food costs and billing my time.  It will come and I will find my niche.  Right now I am Errand Girl-grocery shopping, walking dogs, light housework, but want to be more of a Nutritional Healer with foods.

    Rebecca Bochenek | Reply

  5. Thank-you for sharing your experience with me. I eat raw seven days a week  and have been for six months. I have be a vegetarian for 15 years, got married and switch to turkey, fish. Now I have been animal free for over three years. I know I can do this for anything I set my mind to I can create.

    Brenda Nash-Milton | Reply

  6. Very helpful.  Thanks, Trevor.

    Mary | Reply

  7. I found your perspective very helpful.  Thank you.

    Roselyn | Reply

  8. A very helpful post, with can-do practical suggestions. Thank you.

    Anita | Reply

  9. Very interesting, I being as health conscious as I am I look forward to the conference call.

    Deena | Reply

  10. All of this information is extremely helpful and motivational. Thank you SO much!

    Christa | Reply

  11. This is one of the best articles I ever read…it is the main reason for my delay becoming a coach…I am overweight but very knowledgeable and in the process of losing the weight…which will happen

    Thank u

    Steve B

    Steve | Reply

  12. Thanks a bunch Trevor! :) I adopted a primarily raw organic lifestyle in 2012 for about 5 months, lost 40 lbs, then, ended up cheating w/ processed foods & sea food. I’m back on track doing Jason Vale’s 28 day Super Juice Me detox to get me back on track w/ the Raw/organic way of living. I have people come to me w/ questions once they learn the lifestyle i choose to live.

    Yoruba | Reply

  13. Very encouraging.

    Alethia | Reply

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