Which 4 Spices Ignite More Passion In A Relationship?

(+ Other tips for a great romantic date)


The foods you eat have a dramatic impact on your mood and overall energy levels. So when planning an evening with your spouse or “special someone”, a few key ingredients can help ignite some extra passion.

Ohh, and don’t forget to eat it slowly, enjoying every bite! When you slow down, you eat less, which gives you more energy and you become more aware of your body; who knows where that could lead?

Garlic — But only if you both eat it, because it sure can do a number on your breath. Garlic contains allicin which helps lower cholesterol levels and increase blood flow to the sexual organs.   

Chilies — Chilies are hot! But really, it’s all because of this little chemical in them  called capsaicin that increases blood flow and endorphins (our body’s happy chemistry) 

Basil— Basil is thought to enhance your mood and circulation, stimulate the sex drive and boost fertility. I’d say those Italians had it going for them.

Nutmeg — It has been used in India for a long time and some believe that nutmeg can have the same libido boosting effect as viagra. So sprinkle away!


Food is an essential part of life, but not the only part. Our family, friends, and significant others are super important too. It is our connection with the people around us that make life worth living! 

And, the time we spend together is what makes our relationships strong. Here are a few more tips on how to create an amazingly bonding experience.


Plan an outdoor activity.  Let’s face it, with so many indoor jobs and activities, even nature lovers have to plan time to get outside and remember our connection to this earth. 

Being outside for even a short period of time encourages you to breathe deeper breaths. The breath is a key ingredient to letting go of stress and when you let go of stress your mind comes to the present moment, where you are most likely to bond, play, and laugh! 

I don’t know about you, but a date without fun is just well…no fun. So go for a bike ride, walk through the park, hike into a mountain, swim in the ocean, plant a tree together that you can come back to every year. What ever you choose, when you get outside together you are guaranteed to smile.


Read poetry. Poetry has long been a romantic past time.  It is emotional, thought provoking, and just plain sweet. Not only will it be fun, but you may also get some inspiration to find new ways to spread your joys to others around you.  

I suggest trying The Little Book of Vegan Poems by Benjamin Zephania. Cynthia Mosher with VegFamily.com wrote a great review of it here.


Veg Safe Wine. Wine is not always suitable for those on a plant based diet. Why? Because it is clarified after fermentation and this process may use ingredients such as gelatin made from bones, animal albumin made from dried blood or egg, isinglass that comes from fish bladders, or casein from milk.  

Click here to read VegNews’s vegan wine list.


Gift it good. While a gift is not always needed, it can be a great romantic treat every once in a while and even better if you make it. Write a poem inside a recycled paper hand-made card, make a special dessert to sweeten things up or sing a love song that incorporates some inside jokes. Whatever your creativity may come up with, make sure your honey knows how important they are to you.

With these few steps you are sure have a genuinely intimate day together.  Let us know how it goes and what you enjoyed the most in this post!

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