Alternative to Medication for Osteoporosis and Arthritis

By Vivian Goldschmidt, MA, founder of Save Our Bones (the world's largest natural osteoporosis community)
Television commercials and advice from your doctor can lead you to believe the secret to strong, healthy bones is drinking milk and taking drugs.
But that's a huge misconception and a big lie. If you're already vegan, then we've got good news for you.
Sure your bones need calcium. But if you consume large quantities of milk, you're actually draining your bones of this much needed mineral.
Here's why milk is a brutal bone thief:
Milk has an acidifying effect on your body.
Let me explain. Everything we put into our body gets processed and alters its acid/alkaline balance. And like everything in nature, the body tries to correct the imbalance. Because milk has an acidifying effect, your body automatically pulls calcium out of your bones to neutralize the acid attack.
Why calcium?
Because it is a potent neutralizer. That's why the main ingredient in some antacids is calcium.
Think of milk entering your body like a raging forest fire and your body's natural processes is the team of brave firefighters. So your body jumps into action and uses calcium to put out the acidic attack. And even though milk contains 300 mg of calcium in one cup, unfortunately, the net result is a calcium deficit in your bones.
Your body's blood, lymph, and spinal fluid all function at a very specific pH. Your body will do everything in its power to maintain their specific pH safe range.
First, your body will use the readily available supplies, such as the food you've recently eaten, to seek what it needs to balance the pH. If the food you've eaten is acid-forming and your body needs to keep the pH balance of your fluids more alkaline, then it will dip into your body's alkaline reserves — mainly your bones.
Here is why your alkaline reserve is so important: Following digestion, food is carried to the tissues where it is oxidized (that means that an oxygen molecule is added).
Both alkaline and acid mineral elements are set free — ideally simultaneously, so that the alkaline elements can neutralize the acids. If it does not happen simultaneously, the acid elements are instead neutralized by your alkaline reserve. Your alkaline reserve is mainly calcium, and most of the calcium will come from your bones.
Another reason your body needs to keep a careful pH balance is for the sake of your kidneys. If your urine were ever to have a pH lower than 5, that would cause extreme damage to the genitourinary tract.
So what should you drink instead of acid-forming milk?
Almond milk is a delicious alternative to milk. For omnivores and lacto-vegetarians, unsweetened fermented or cultured dairy products such as yogurt, kefir, and sour cream are okay to enjoy if consumed as the "acid food" in the 4 to 1 ratio described below. These fermented dairy products provide beneficial probiotics, but still have a mildly acidic affect on the body.

Food Combining For Bone Health

When choosing foods to include in a meal, follow this 4 to 1 ratio. Choose four foods that are alkalizing, such as lettuce, sesame seeds, avocados and bell peppers. Then choose one food that is acidifying such as tofu or whole wheat bread.
Keep in mind that foods such as lettuce and bell peppers are all much lower in calories than tofu or bread. Because of this, eat larger portions of the low calorie foods, relative to the portion size of the acidifying high calorie food.
For example, your meal might have three cups of shredded lettuce, a quarter of a cup of sesame seeds (or tahini), one cup of diced avocados, two cups of minced bell pepper and four slices of tofu.
By following the 4:1 rule, you can minimize bone loss from poor diet. This can be the critical change that brings your bones back to a healthy state. However, milk myths and the 4-to-1 ratio are just the tip of the iceberg.
In the Save Our Bones program, you'll discover that your bone health is in your hands. If you stop consuming bone-thieving foods and drinks (many of which are vegan) you can have the bones you had when you were younger — without turning to Doctors or drugs.
Since 2007, the Save Our Bones program has helped over 200,000 people who suffered with osteoporosis and osteopenia to naturally increase their bone density without pills, pain, or cost. Would you like to do the same?
This program is jam-packed with pure, unfiltered natural osteoporosis secrets that you can start applying right after you read it… information you won't find anywhere else.
It's guaranteed to reverse your bone loss and give you your freedom back. It's all based on scientific studies. It gives you the bottom line, simple actions you need to take to finally conquer osteoporosis and take your bone health into your own hands. And what you'll learn along the way will change your life.
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  1. I am interested in learning how to eat to cure osteoporosis.

    Francine St-Germain | Reply

  2. I eat a vegan diet. Can this “Save Your Bones” program work for me. I have been diagnosed with Osteopenia mostly, with Osteoporous in my hip. Thank you

    Cynthia Hatchett | Reply

  3. Dear Vivian, I am your great follower and i have great respect for your knowledge about “Reversing Osteoporosis”. Thank you so much for your advice, I got the Osteoporosis better mine got 20% increase.

    I have referred your Program-Cure to other women. Thank you so much for your help.
    Love you Vivian.

    Eglee | Reply

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