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How to get your children to enjoy fruits and vegetables

by Gaby Fischer
Is meal-time a frustrating battle with your children? It used to be that way for me too. When getting my son to eat fruits and vegetables became a challenge, I had to get creative.
First, I made a treasure map with different fruits and vegetables and I took him to the supermarket so he could “hunt” for the treasures (fruits and veggies). When we got home, I told him that we were going to play a game called “Describe the Taste” and he was anxious to learn more about it.
To play the game, he had to taste as many fruits and vegetables as possible and give me a description of what he liked or disliked about each one. He seemed reluctant at first, so I started tasting some of the foods while giving him a description of their taste. That grabbed his attention. He started tasting each one and he truly enjoyed discovering new flavors. I gave him a small prize (piñata fillers) for each description and he told me he was looking forward to playing the game again.
Once we found the fruits and vegetables he liked best, I started to decorate his plates to make them look fun. That is how Fun Meals 4 Kids got started. Fun Meals are attractive and grab the attention of your little ones. The appealing designs and colors encourage them to eat more fruits and vegetables.
I try to keep my dishes simple so they are fast and easy to recreate. You don't need to be an artist. In the photos you'll find on Fun Meals 4 Kids you'll see my son's favorites fruits and vegetables, but don't feel limited to the foods I'm using. The possibilities are endless and the rewards, priceless!
Now, don’t expect that they’ll eat everything you serve them just because it looks fun. You’ll need to be patient because it may take a few attempts to find their favorite foods, but your efforts will payoff. The secret is to keep trying until you find the fruits and vegetables your kids like the most.
It is important to get them involved, developing their interest. This will help you integrate a healthy diet into their daily routine.
I hope you use some of my ideas. It's not expensive or time consuming. The only special ingredient you need to add to Fun Meals is your love.
Wish you and your family health and happiness,
Gaby Fischer
Gabriela Fischer
Founder of Fun Meals 4 Kids
Gabriela’s struggle with obesity introduced her to the world of nutrition and encouraged her to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness so she could help others live healthier and happier lives.
Today, she is pursuing her passion by devoting her free time to causes that promote nutrition education and healthy lifestyles. Gabriela is currently serving as a volunteer for Dr. Fuhrman’s nonprofit organization, the Nutritional Research Foundation. Their mission is to conduct clinical research to study diet styles designed for their disease-preventing and disease-reversing properties.

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