7 Tips for Making Your Easter Festive, Healthy, and Veg-Friendly

Whether your Easter celebration is about the resurrection of Christ or about a white bunny hiding candy and eggs everywhere, Easter time is full of fun traditions.

This year, you can celebrate a traditional Easter while staying veg friendly! Here are a few tips and creative ideas so you can spend your time bonding rather than planning, and stay as veg friendly and festive as possible!

1) If you're a strict vegetarian, beware of typical Easter Candy that has refined sugar.  Refined sugar contains charred animal bone. Use fruit as your sweetener or less processed sugar sweets such as turbinado sugar, maple syrup, or green stevia.

2) Try making or buying some whole grain, egg-free cookies. If you're making them yourself, use a bunny cookie-cutter to make them fit the theme.

3) Use nuts that are still in their shell to put into an Easter basket.  They are super healthy and many of them are an egg shape too.  Plus, most of us don't get the pleasure of cracking open nuts before we eat them in their most fresh state.

4) Add some small gifts like books, car toys and/or dolls to replace the typical candy in Easter baskets.

5) Instead of hunting for Easter eggs, hide baby carrots, apples, and boxes of raisins around the house.  You could even add plastic eggs filled with money or small trinkets.

6) Typically, Easter meals are centered around ham.  Try a veg friendly option instead.  If you really want to have that traditional dish feel and taste, try a meat substitute from soy or wheat gluten.  Field roasts are a great holiday treat if you are into this idea. For lots of fun vegan Easter recipes, visit our Vegan Passover & Easter Recipes blog post.

7) Include diversity in your meals.  Lots of colors, textures, and flavors are sure to satiate the taste buds of even the pickiest eaters and enliven your senses.

This Easter, have some fun with a these veg-friendly ideas and if you have any others tips to share, please do!


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