Trevor and Brazilian Rainbow babes

Trevor and Brazilian Rainbow babes

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  1. Hi Trevor!
    Very interesting article… I'm from Portugal, thinking about moving ti Brasil, and the lack of natural stores and health foods really concerns me…
    About the dryer, I don't want to call anyone spoiled by all means, but its interesting to see the diference in perspectives… The only thing that makes me sad, is the fact that americans spend way too much resources on things that aren't actually necessary. I know its not easy to find time for everything, but we all have busy lifes and many of us ( a lot! at least in my country) don't have this kind of privileges, mostly because we don't find it to be necessary. It 's just another fee. USA is one of the countries who spends huge amount of resources and that really isn't sustainable. Change comes with small steps… its just a change of habits
    The funny part for me is that I can do it both ways and I hate to use the dryer… Take care

    Gi | Reply

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