How to Stay On Track, Kick Coffee, And Be Happier Overall

Today's tips come from our friend Jinjee Talifero. These tips are part of an incredible 28 day cleanse we'll be telling you about shortly…

Exercise: Remind Yourself Why – So You Stay On Track

Create your "Why". To stay on your healthy path, you'll want to have a good list of "Why I eat only whole foods" or "Why I'm committed to healthy eating".

You can also keep a list of "Why nots". For example: "Why I don't eat unhealthy foods"…or "Why I'm committed to avoiding flour products".

You can review these in moments of confusion and get clear! Jinjee keeps her list in her bathroom drawer so she remembers to read it every morning and evening.

How to Kick Coffee

Quitting coffee can be quite daunting due to the coffee-withdrawal-headaches/migraines. But there is help! Yerba Maté tea!

It also has caffeine and tastes great, but it has a lot of healing properties. It's the national drink of Brazil. You can buy it loose — or in teabags — at most health food stores.

By doing this, you won't get the coffee withdrawal headaches. And Yerba Maté is easy to quit, so you can do that after a couple of months no problem!

If you're a raw fooder, you can drink it as a sun-tea (just let the teabag sit in a glass of room-temperature water for 10 minutes, or 5 minutes in the sun)….Blend in a teaspoon or two of honey, and enjoy!! Delicious! Almost has a roasted flavor (but it
isn't roasted)
Exercise: Cultivating the Heart of Gratitude

Nothing contributes to a person's overall long-term happiness more than Cultivating The Heart of Gratitude!

When you're grateful, beauty, happiness, and inner health pour out of our eyes. Your life is more blessed, more magnificent, more beautiful, more harmonious, more right, more perfect.

To begin to seeing all this, start being grateful for what you can see. Here are several  ways to cultivate gratitude and a grateful heart.

- Each morning list 10 things you are grateful for
- Each morning give thanks for everything you can think of
- During your day, take time to look around and notice all the things to be happy about
- When you are having a happy moment or a peaceful moment, take a deep breath of appreciation
- As you notice you are becoming more grateful, give thanks for the ability to be thankful!
- Notice the positive upward spiral you are in, and be grateful for it!
- You will still have some downs, we all do, but know that they will be short-lived, that they will pass, as you continue to cultivate the Heart of Gratitude!

4 Comment(s)

  1. Honey is not vegan.

    Janine | Reply

  2. Wonderful tips, thank you!  Especially the reminding oneself of why…. Just staying concious to that is quite the task:)  Another drink that makes it easy to kick coffee is Teecino – comes in a variety of flavors; label says 'herbal coffee' – but has no caffeine and is non-acidic.  Made of herbs, grains, nuts and fruits.  Enjoy!

    Sarma | Reply

  3. I hv found adding a pinch of cayenne pepper to my herb teas has helped to overcome coffee yearnings

    Barbara | Reply

  4. While not vegan, honey is raw.

    Nur | Reply

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