Enjoy Thanksgiving with Vegan Holiday Favorites

Would you like to enjoy Thanksgiving with vegan (or raw vegan) versions of traditional holiday favorites?

If so, these resources and recipes will be a blessing for you.

Whole Foods is a great resource. Their website has an array of recipe sections including dairy-free recipes for holiday faves. Click the link below and then select "advanced search" to the right of the orange search button. You can select options such as "gluten free" and vegan and vegetarian as well as many other special options.

Whole foods market recipes

Alicia Silverstone's book The Kind Diet features yummy vegan recipes. Check out her blog for recipes including mixed winter squash soup, root vegetable cassoulet, hot apple cider, pumpkin bread, gingerbread cookies with maple cream frosting etc

The Kind life recipes

If you are a raw fooder and haven't heard of this website yet, you'll  love it. The website is an open forum so anyone can search for or post recipes.
You can find recipes like pumpkin pie to burgers on the site.

Gone Raw

Here are some recipes for Thanksgiving:
Vegan and gluten-free pumpkin pie
Raw vegan cranberry sauce
Pumpkin pie smoothie
Vegan eggnog
Vegan meatloaf
Raw vegan stuffing

Share these recipes with family and friends. There is no reason they won't like them just because they're lacking in meat and diary. If anyone gets testy about your food choices, just smile and tell them you enjoy eating the way you do because it makes you feel good. It's hard to argue with a smiling face, delicious food and a good attitude.

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  1. I clicked on all of the links above and found many free recipes and many new websites to visit.  I am not sure why the above comment was made because I have found numerous free recipes for raw and vegan choices and vegetarian recipes are even easier to find.  This email has offered numerous links to free recipes.  I am clad you sent it and have looked into many of the recipe options.  Any book I have asked for at the library or purchased myself holds valuable information I am looking for. 

    Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

    Sueann | Reply

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed the list Sueann!

    Raederle | Reply

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