How And Why To Build Your Email List

Having an email list of prospects is more important than having a web site. Why? Let me tell you a quick story…

Last month I met Anuradha, the woman who owns The site has over 100 recipes. It has a Google Page Rank of "3", which is pretty respectable. And it gets a lot of traffic.

She wanted to promote our Mastery Program. But guess what… she has no email list.

Thousands of people have visited her site at one time or another. (Probably tens of thousands). But she has no way to *proactively* contact them.

All she can do is cross her fingers and "hope" they'll come back one day.

Now compare that to our site This site has zero recipes and zero content. All it has is an email opt-in form. Yet, over the course of ten years, 23,000+ people joined our free recipes email list.

So anytime I want to promote a product or service, I can email 23,000+ people. That's the value of an email list.

If you want to sell anything – whether it's classes, teleclasses, coaching, books, or videos – you've got to build an email list.

Whether you have a web site or not, I urge you to start building an email list today. Here's the simple way. During your normal daily activities, ask everyone you see "Would you like to know when I'm teaching cooking classes?".
Or if you're not teaching yet, put it this way…. "I'm getting ready to start teaching cooking classes. Do you want me to let you know once I decide on dates?"

If the person says "Yes", then reply with "Great, what's your email address?".

As your list grows, it's important that you include each person's first name next to her email address. That's because your list will soon become too large to send using "CC" or "BCC".

Most ISPs and webmail providers only let you email 25 to 50 people at a time. When your list grows into the hundreds, you'll need to host it with a company like Aweber or iContact.

One cool thing about list hosts is that you can upload each person's first name as well as her email address. Then you can customize each message with the recipient's first name, even if you're emailing thousands of people at a time.

A more sophisticated approach is to offer an ethical "bribe" whenever someone joins your list. That's what most of the "Cooking Class Riches" guest experts do. To see what I mean, check out these sites:

Notice how Nomi Shannon is giving away a free 7 part mini-course on raw food.

Notice how Jill Nussinow offers a free subscription to her "Veggie Queen Adventures" newsletter. Plus, 5 tips for more health, wellness and happiness.

Notice how we offer a free holiday recipe collection.
If and when you do have a website, I recommend offering a bribe like the ones above. If someone doesn't know you yet, this will incentivize them to join your list.
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  1. Very enlightening. Thank you.

    Roselyn | Reply

  2. definitely worth a read. Simple and nice ;)

    Wilson Linnemann | Reply

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