Why and how to get more raw foods into your diet

Raw foods are very important and very undervalued in our society today. We are living in an industrialized world that makes it cheaper and easier to eat processed foods than healthy foods straight from nature.

The best raw foods are fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds that have not been dried, juiced, powdered, or processed. The best of the bunch will of course be organic or free of pesticides too.

So what health benefits come from eating raw foods? Raw foods supply you with loads of antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, minerals, oxygen, water, probiotics, and enzymes.

Before processed foods were the trend, raw and lightly cooked foods were the norm. Now, when people eat raw foods, because it is not a larger part of their diet, they feel amazed at the results. People often feel lighter, their skin gets clearer, they lose belly fat, and they feel more energetic too!

Now the question is, "How do you get more raw food into your diet?"

With a few simple tips you will be including raw foods into your current diet in no time and feeling a new high on life!

Smoothies - After a good night's rest, what better way to start your day than with a powerhouse breakfast full of nutrients to get you through your day. You can blend fresh fruits and veggies with a bit of lemon water. Or you can add protein powder. It takes only minutes and it tastes great!

Juicer- A good juicer at home can boost your passion for raw foods because they can taste sooo good!  And, if you are interested in doing special juice cleanses every once in a while, this can be a super bonus.  Juice has a very high delivery of nutrients to the body, so drink up!

Farmers market – This helps you to support your local economy, and educates you on the cycles of the earth; which are also cycles in your body. This food will be the freshest food you can find outside of picking it from your own garden. So it will have the highest nutritional content.  Plus, its a fun community gathering.

Start every meal raw- It never hurts to add more healthy foods into your diet. When you add them at the beginning, you know you have the space in your tummy to get it all in. This way, you are not taking anything out of your diet either. Over time you may even find you want more of the healthier foods and less of all the rest.

Add veggies as a topping or side dish - When you make a sandwich, add extra sprouts, cucumbers, tomatoes. Whatever it is you eat, it's always fabulous to add color and flavor with extra veggies.

Eat fresh fruit for dessert - One of our favorites is papaya. It has lots of enzymes that aid in digestion.  But really, whatever fruits you love, try them out all on their own for a dessert. You never know what you will discover about your food habits and favorites.

Eating raw food only gets challenging when you try making raw food the bulk of your diet. After all, few people feel full eating only fruits and veggies.

People who've tried eating 75-100% raw sometimes complain about hunger, cravings, recipes that are too time-consuming, and boredom from the same old meals. Not to mention overreliance on fatty foods (which replace traditional complex carbs, like root veggies and whole grains.)

That's why we're so excited about Nomi Shannon's groundbreaking new book, "What Do Raw Fooders Eat?".

Nomi got 48 raw fooders to keep meticulous food journals for an entire week. Then she compiled these journals, along with recipes and personal information, into her new book.
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